Failed to Load
High school roommates Jae and Phuc aren't exactly normal. They are obsessed with video games, live away from their parents although they are minors and not emancipated, they get away with violence, and they have a war-in-miniature with their enemy/ally Captain Falcon! Add in Jae's sister, Crystal, who is Maple Story crazed, Heidi, Jae's hamster who can own in Brawl using Pikachu, and a supply of exploding chicken grenades and you get the wacky and messed up life of these two gamers.

If the creators were to be asked to describe the comic, it would be, "a comic about gamers which draws its jokes on randomness and truisms". Although "Failed to Load" is listed as a gaming comic, the direct game comics are not the actual core of the comic, per se, but the story brought by the characters Phuc and Jae. The direct game comics are not filler, even though they are not part of the story, but it does not make them any less important than the actual plot.

The website is usually updated once or twice a week, usually a Wednesday though the times a comic are up vary but it is almost promised that therer will be one a week at least.

The webcomic is rated "T" for Teen by us using the ESRB Rating scale for the following: Violence, Language, Mild Blood and Gore, Suggestive Themes, Comic Mischief, Sexual References, and Drug Reference.