Failed to Load

Age: 17
Signature Move: ???
Final Smash: Phuc Gaiden

Arrogant, erratic, and loud would be good adjectives to describe Phuc. He takes revenge easily, loses his temper quickly, and does all the stuff a bossy older roommate would usually do to get to you, yet is down to earth and pure of heart for someone like that. Phuc is dating Jae's sister, Crystal.

Age: 14
Signature Move: Kiss the Knee
Final Smash: Jae's Creed
Level headed, headstrong, cheeky and cynical, Jae is the younger roommate of Phuc that loves to wreak chaos and destruction. He holds the ancient power of Altair the assassin and would use his alter ego's abilities to wreck everything in the world for his amusement. Yet underneath that layer of violence holds a passionate gamer that would kick your ass any day in Tekken.

Age: 16
Signature Move: Kiss of Death
Final Smash: PMS
The older sister of Jae frequents the domain of Jae and Phuc every now and then. Known for her impatience and deadly PMS, she is not one to anger. Despite the violent trait associated with her sex, she is the most feminine in terms of anything.

The comic is created by the innovative minds of Jason and Alex, Jae and Phuc respectively in "Failed to Load". The comic was created through the inspiration of several other game-related webcomics, most notably VG Cats, Fanboys Online, and Penny Arcade. The comic is a joint-effort, different comics independently uploaded by each member of the "Failed to Load" team.

Jason Wu
AIM: JJangJae
XFire: JJangJae / [Jae]TrueSnake
Jason Wu was born in San Gabriel, California. He has been since a toddler, beginning with Power Ranger stick figures, then moving onto Dragonball Z, then Naruto, and finally what a mismatch of styles until he arrived at what you see here today. Failed to Load is his current comic. He has illustrated and created comics prior to this, most notably including the Rendan manga (a fantasy story similar to Assassin's Creed, heavily influenced by Naruto), the Iron Fist trilogy (the very first gaming comic that rather had unbelievably close ties to Final Fantasy), and Samurai Shinigami (another manga influenced by Death Note but with a very similar plot with Bleach).

Alex Nguyen
AIM: alex n durr
XFire: N/A

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