Failed to Load
There are fictional items that appear in the webcomic that either are not real in modern day (real life) or cannot be made possible, yet was invented or used in the comic. This guide gives you an insight in the ones that are displayed.

Chicken Bomb: An item created by Jae that looks like an ordinary, yet skillfully created, paper mache chicken. In actuality, hidden within the chicken is a spherical hand bomb that can be activate by closing the chicken's beak to set off the fuse, or by throwing it. The explosion sends out a miniscule shockwave (it's a bomb), a small smokescreen, and a burst of chicken feathers. The item is reportedly to be effective for escape maneuvers or for diversions.
Smash Ball: An item created by the programmers of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but was physically created by someone in the real world. Phuc stores a padlocked case of them in his closet for emergency situations. When destroyed, the destroyer is enveloped in a lingering burst of energy that only lasts five minutes on its standby. At any point in that time, the true effects of the item will emerge. The user will be able to perform a series of demanding and grueling tasks at high speeds, performing a powerful technique dubbed the "Final Smash". The side-effect the item has on the user is that the user will be drained entirely of his or her energy, unable to stand. Abuse of using a Smash Ball can even lead to death.
Cardboard Box:Snake from Metal Gear Solid's signature espionage item. In the "Failed to Load" world, it is equally as effective but after a short while, will disappear in a puff of smoke. It can be used for short distances and is a valuable tool for sneaking past, er, webcomic readers unnoticed.

Q: How did you think of the name “Failed to Load”?
A: We started off with the name “Now Loading” but then realized it was taken by a forum. The search was narrowed down to “Failed to Load”, “Dead Pixel”, and “Data Corrupted”. In the end, it was decided “Failed to Load” because our friends liked the name the most.

Q: Are the characters based on your friends or are they entirely fictional?
A: Each character was originally based off their real-life counterparts but they soon developed their own unique personalities. Life is funny that way. Go figure.

Q: What do you guys use for your comics?
A: It varies with the artist, though both started out with pencil and paper. Alex uses pencils, inking pens, and lined paper whereas Jason uses a WACOM graphics tablet with the occasional usage of pencil and paper, instead. Both then use Photoshop CS3 to edit images and color.

Q: How come the comic is drawn in two different comic styles?
A: There are two artists, with two completely different drawing methods. Alex does the more “chibi-fied” drawings whereas Jason draws more in detail and complexity.

Q: Do you guys really know each other in real life? If so, are you guys really roommates?
A: Yes, of course we both know each other in real life. It makes it easier to collaborate on a webcomic if the multiple authors know each other personally and are in a close proximity, distance wise. We are also good friends who have taken martial arts together. However, we do not live together as roommates, as for one, both of us are minors and therefore cannot live away from our parents without being emancipated, and two, we would be constantly fighting over the rights of the computer and television.

Q: How did you two meet?
A: We met at our local Taekwondo studio. Alex was the third-degree black belt everyone looked up to and Jason was the decent skilled kid that eventually rose to the rank of first-degree black belt. Somewhere along that time both of them met through the classes and events hosted by the Taekwondo school. The rest is history.

Q: How come the comic is ran on randomness?
Well, the randomness is actually made to flow with the flavor of the overall style but it also keeps the comic fresh, funny, and exciting to some point.

Q: How come Captain Falcon makes so many guest appearances?
A: You know, when we figure that out, we'll get to you on that.

Q: Why is there a lack of Xbox material and a shortage of PlayStation ones?
A: For the first question, it is mostly because we lack an Xbox console, personally. We have played and enjoyed the system, but because we do not physically own one, Xbox jokes will be somewhat rare, if not for being poked fun of. Also, we see several different flaws or dislikes in the Xbox that we do not see for the other consoles. For the second question, Jason is the only author of "Failed to Load" who owns a PS3 so he is the one that is almost at all times responsible for presenting those jokes. Making jokes about the PS2 or its games are not practical and are outdated. Both Jason and Alex own a Wii and therefore, both can make Wii jokes equally well.