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Game Update #2: Compatibility, Controls, and Radio

Every so often, I'll update you guys with some details on the game itself. Here's the second one as the first one I did in my last post.

As far as I know, the game will be compatible with Windows XP. I'm not sure if the game can be ran on other operating systems and I highly doubt it though I'm not sure about how the game will work on Vista. I'll test it one day and tell you guys.

The game can be played using the keyboard or a gamepad. Personally, I test the game with a gamepad. When I refer to buttons I mean buttons so don't get them confused with the keys on your keyboard:
C Button- Confirm
B Button- Go Back
A Button- Pause
X Button- Call Radio Menu
Y Button- Call Main Menu
L Button- Switch characters in Status/Skills/Equip
R Button- Switch characters in Status/Skills/Equip
Directional Buttons- Move cursor or move character.

You can change which buttons are assigned to which key (or buttons if you're using a gamepad) by pressing F1 any time during the game.

Radio System
Based upon the codec system invented in the Metal Gear Solid games, the radio plays an important part in the game. This isn't the radio you find at home, no. The radio in the game is first shown as a crudely made transmission device created by Jae in Act One as their cell phones lack no signal (there are no communication towers where they are) and replace the usage of their cell phones. The radio transmission device, called "Radio" throughout the game, functions as a two-way radio. It is equipped with a transmitter and a receiver on its own and is constantly "on". However, transmission strength can be amplified by pressing the largest button. Radio is worn on one ear like a Bluetooth headset and uses similar technology for transmissions. Frequencies can be chosen by pressing one of two buttons to go up or down one frequency. It can also store any frequency that was previously transmitted to into a bank called Memory Log. This allows for quick dialing.

In the game, the Radio is called by pressing the "X" button, on my gamepad I set it to the button that should be the Square button if the controller was a PlayStation controller (I'm telling you this just so that you get a feel of how I feel it should be placed if you are using controllers). You don't call members of your party with it as they all travel with you at the same time, but you can call key people you meet in the game. Also, there are two hidden frequencies that cannot be stored in Memory Log. These two frequencies can prove to be quite useful to you in certain situations.

That's the update for today, see ya.

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