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Man, so my family was out at the mall today for shopping (I was there to see if I could score a good deal on Guitar Hero: World Tour, but no luck) and we went past the T-Mobile phone sales place-thingy to check on any good phones we might be interested in when our contract expires soon.

Holy crap, man, those guys were the creepiest people I have ever met. No offense to them but they looked weird and how they tried to attract customers could only be described as disturbing. "Hey, someone told me that you're with T-Mobile!" "Hey, come over here, I can save you a lot of money!" "I can get you a free phone!" You get the picture, they were just screaming it out. The dude that helped us, stereotypically, you would call him fruity. "This phone is excellent. We have an excellent plan for this excellent phone. Check out this excellent phone--the color choices are excellent." And none of them would leave us alone. Call them over-enthusiastic or hard-working, I call them gay and creepy.

Moving on, there is no update but I can assure you that Alex and I are working on it soon. I have a lot of ideas but I have trouble and no time to manifest them on paper. On the bright side, my art has improved and I learned many techniques that will enhance the quality of it.

As this is our first winter working on the comic, I had made wallpaper (pardon the fanservice) sometime in November on a boring day. You can say it's provocative but I wouldn't say so, personally. I'll be uploading it soon once my computer problems are solved.

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