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Some Pretty Big Changes

A new year's rolling in. I've decided to make some changes to the comic and some much needed revamps to the site.

First things, first. I finally (sort of) mastered the use of Illustrator up to as much as Alex has. I'm glad that I've been able to constantly improve rapidly. My art (specifically my shading and highlighting) has kicked up a notch and wallpapers, filler art, and the what not will look kickass (just with Photoshop alone).

Next, the comic will follow a set format so that all the comics (regardless of the artist) will look pretty much the same (in terms of style and structure). Also, there are some changes of clothes (most notably Jae) and the inclusion of a new female character as Crystal will take a backseat in light of events that have nothing to do with myself or most of the crew. It's not personal, at least for us anyways.

Lastly, yeah, the site will finally be updated. Each section will be brought to date and the Wiki article'll be revamped and updated. Sometimes, the comic becomes a burden but it's totally worth it.

One thing before I forget, though, if you guys came here just for game updates, sorry but I've put that on hiatus. It's a big pain in the ass. I'm going to make another game that fits more of the Failed to Load style for the PC (it's one player guys but I might put a 2 Player capability) when I feel like it.

One last thing I want to say, and it's not about the comic. No one knows this yet, so yeah. I'm one of the artists for Temple City Life now. As cool as that may sound, it's just a Community Service thing. There's no profit and I'm not a star. Also, if you have any questions, read this before you ask me anything.

Alright, lates.

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