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Where'd it all go?

So, I was reviewing our archives last night. It's so amazing how much progress we've gone through this whole time. We went from shitty-quality black and white, to okay-quality black and white, to flat colors, to colors with shading.

But that's not the only thing that's changed. The old comics were truly about gaming, or at least, about gamers. It seems that during that golden age where we (okay, Alex, I know I sucked balls) used to be able to do all these gaming jokes and ShamWow our audiences, has a terminal illness. I'm still laughing at stuff we made almost a year ago. The comic was designed to be about gamers and gaming, and after the hiatus, although I've tried to revive it with true gaming comics, it never got past the scanning.

It seems that during the hiatus, the golden age has died out. We're no longer a comic about gaming, we're a comic about our own lives. Even if Jae and Phuc are incarnations (if at least that was our original intentions), the comic's focus was supposed to be gaming. Well, Alex and I don't play that many games nowadays at all. We've sort of lost the time for it, and that kind of kills our initial intentions.

It might be time to revitalize the golden age, because right now, we might be somewhere around bronze. The comic almost becomes a chore since during that hiatus, although the art has improved, it's been accustomed to just artwork that you'd see on Deviant Art, not a comic. That's a pain in the ass, but if we're supposed to be a gaming comic and not just two roommates who used to game, then that's the sacrifices we've got to take.

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