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Holy crap! A comic? After so many months?

Yeah. I got the idea after reading the newest Super Effective comic.

Completely done with a tablet. I didn't think the uber-thin width of the lineart would be a problem but apparently when you're shrinking past 3000 pixels, it makes a big difference, my bad.

Also, no shading. I totally fudged up the comic and I felt no need to try to fix it by adding shading where it was hard enough as it was.

"Does this mean that you'll update again?"
If you guys complain loud enough, then yes.

"I like your new layout for the comics."
The header itself has sexier graphics than the entire comic in my opinion.

"What's going to happen to the comic now?"
New comic named "Dead Pixel" coming this fall. What is it? A comic based on pop culture, movies, video games, and music more so than "Failed to Load", which was held together with Alex's life and mine. Hosted on our own server so we're not limited as much anymore.

"Will you update it?"
We'll see when I get there.

"I thought Failed to Load was a gaming comic to begin with!"
Yeah, Alex and I don't game as much anymore. Sorry, people.

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